Spider Solitaire

About Spider Solitaire Game

Spider solitaire is a game that was developed by Microsoft. It was first introduced in Microsoft Plus! 98 pack that was a theme/game collection pack built for the Microsoft Windows 98. Spider solitaire was included in each version of Windows up to Windows 10.

How to play Spider Solitaire

The goal of the game is to match all the cards of the same color from king to ace. Once you match all of them the pack you were working on is removed from the main deck.

The game ends when all of the packs are completed and the score is calculated depending on the time passed and the number of hints used during the game. 

The main thing to notice is that not all decks are solvable. There was a study done on the solvability of the spider solitaire game that concluded that with good play one out of three decks is solvable.