2048 Game

About 2048 Game

2048 is the game that was made in one day by Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli. He wrote it in javascript and with a little bit of help, it went viral in March of 2014. 

After the success of the main game, there was a lot of rip offs written for all platforms by developers all around the World.

How to play an online 2048 Game?

The game is controlled by arrow keys. When you start you are presented with a grid that has 16 blocks. Blocks have a number value inside of them starting with 2.  Using arrow keys the player moves all of the blocks. If the blocks kissing the edge of the grid match with the block next to them, they are added up. The goal is to add up the numbers up to 2048. When the player reaches 2048 you win the game. The game is not over there though and you can keep playing and try to reach a high score. A lot of AI-s were built to reach scores up to 839,732.