Tetris Game

About Tetris

Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov developed the game Tetris in 1984, inspired by the concept of real-time puzzle. He named it Tetris as a combination of two words tetra (Greek for four) and tennis – his favorite sport.

Tetris has enormous success as a video game all across the world and even holds a Guinness record. It is also on the list of the best-selling video games of all time.

What makes this game unique is that it has simple rules, but to play it you need fast thinking and good reflexes. Tetris is among the highest addictive video games that are present on most devices. Since it is available online, you can play Tetris for free without limitations.

How to play an online game of Tetris?

Tetris has an interface that consists of a grid screen and four-block shapes in the form of letters I, O, T, S, Z, J, and L, which are named tetrominoes.
The object of the game is to put together tetrominoes that come from the top of the screen in rows avoiding blank spaces on the bottom. The entire raw will disappear if there are no empty spaces.

For each row, you get points, and after a certain number of points, you go to the next level. Each level speeds up tetrominoes that come from the top of the screen, which makes the game more challenging.

To be able to control the pieces, learn the following basics. Tetroinoes that comes from the top is entirely random, which makes this game interesting. Use Up arrow key on the keyboard to rotate tetromino. With Down key, you can speed up the tetromino. Move left and right with Left and Right arrow key on the keyboard.

The game of Tetris is over when you get to the top and no longer have space for stacking the tetrominoes. To score the Tetris, you need to clear four rows of blocks simultaneously. It is not possible to win a game of Tetris.

Hacks/Strategies for playing Tetris game

Learn the basics of the game and elements, and that will improve your chances.

For example, please get to know how tetrominoes rotate and all their shapes. That will help you create a better strategy on how to fit all pieces together.

Do not wait too long to build a full horizontal line and prepare the layout of the screen by placing tetrominoes strategically so that you can put any piece you randomly get.

Avoid overthinking where to place tetromino, and make fast decisions. As logical as it seems, you can get better at playing Tetris if you play regularly.

Tetris effect

There is a positive side to obsessively playing Tetris, after all, known as the Tetris effect. After some time of playing Tetris, you might find yourself thinking about how to organize shapes, colors, etc. in the real world, for example, a shelf in a store.