Snake Game

About Snake Game

Playing Snake Game makes us reminisce of Nokia phones that made this game famous across the world. The difference is this game wasn’t available to play online back then. The Snake Game is also on the top 100 games of the all-time list of Next Generation magazine. It is not surprising that today there is an astonishing number of players that enjoy this game regularly.

Another advantage of the popularity of Snake games is that now there are many versions available. How iconic the Snake Game tells us its popularity among people of all ages. On this website, you can play the classic snake game online and for free. 

How to play an online Snake Game?

The Snake Game has a simple design, and it is easy to play. Read the instructions, and you’ll be ready to play.

The Snake game consists of the following elements bordered screen – walls, plus-shaped dots – food, and one dot line that represents snake.

To control the snake and move left, right, up and down, use arrow keys on your keyboard. Whenever you get to the food, the size of the snake will get larger and more challenging to move around.

The objective of the Snake Game is to collect as many food dots possible without crashing into walls or the snake itself. Although there are claims that it is not possible to win the Snake Game, you can win it if you manage to fill the space inside walls with the snake to the last dot.

Hacks/Strategies for playing the Snake game

Even though the Snake Game has simple graphics and controls, it can be challenging to get far into the game. With these hacks, you can stay in the game longer and go for the win.

As for most things in general, to get better at playing Snake, you need to practice more. The more time you play this game, the more you’ll be in control of your reflexes even when the snake’s size is half a screen.

Patience is the key to manipulating the snake when it gets bigger. Do not go straight for the food; rather, wait and pay attention to the position of the snake on the screen.

The easiest way to move and control snake when it gets large is with zig-zag movement and maintaining that shape. This way, the snake will take the least space inside the walls, which will make her easier to manipulate.